Why We Use Canvas Interlinings

 In suit jacket construction

Typically made from horsehair blended with cotton or other high performance materials, the canvas interlining forms a layer between the external cloth and the jacket’s inner lining. The excellent fit and unparalleled comfort of a jacket made with a canvas interlining is one of the main reasons why people still visit tailors today. Jackets made in this way mould to a wearer’s shape, accentuating the male form and offering them a greater degree of comfort, while increasing durability. It does this by distributing tension away from stress points such as the elbows or shoulders, mitigating any risk of distortion, and allowing you to move with greater freedom. As well as this, canvas interlinings also reinforce the jacket’s resilience against modern day dry-cleaning methods.

Simply put, canvas interlinings elevate a suit jacket’s overall look, fit, comfort and long-term performance.

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