Luxury Savile Row Experiences: Premium Gifting By Marc Oliver

With the launch of our premium Savile Row Experience gift vouchers, allow us to show you what a day with Marc Oliver looks like.

In my thirty and more years working in and around Savile Row, I’ve learned that there are few things — perhaps none at all —  that make a man feel more illustrious than a luxury tailoring experience. 

The Savile Row Effect

Whether it’s a first time visitor or a veteran already well adjusted to the best of premium tailoring, a change comes over clients the moment they’ve stepped out of the bustle of Mayfair’s streets, reclined with a beverage of choice, and put life and work on hold for just a while.

For those next few hours they become immersed in talk of cloth and cut, fabric and fit, fashion and function, all centered around them — their own individual needs and wishes.

Long before “self-care” became the buzz word it is today, I’ve witnessed first hand the therapeutic effect of a day well spent in the company of a Savile Row tailor who knows his craft, and knows just how to make people look and feel great.

Better yet, that they get to return a few weeks later to be fitted for and then take home a suit, jacket, shirt or other garment of the highest quality tailoring — that’s the lasting effect.

Now, with the launch of our Savile Row Gift Experience vouchers, we’re giving people the opportunity to share the Savile Row Tailoring Effect with others, be they loved ones, relatives, colleagues, clients or partners.

Luxury Savile Row Experiences By Marc Oliver — Tailored To Your Wishes

On our Bespoke Gifting page on the Marc Oliver website, you’ll see that we offer three main types of Gift Experience — Savile Row Suit Experiences, Jacket Experiences, and Shirt Experiences, while we also sell Gift Vouchers from £50 which can be used to purchase or supplement any of our bespoke products and services.

All Marc Oliver Gift Experiences and Vouchers can be redeemed at any time within twelve months of issue —  all the recipient has to do is get in touch and make an appointment. 

However, being experienced tailors, we’re there to cater for anyone’s own needs and wishes. We’re more than happy to discuss custom experiences for individuals or groups, or corporate parties. 

Simply get in touch through the website, email or phone to discuss your options. 

Now that we’ve established what your options are, here’s what the recipient of a Luxury Savile Row Gift Experience By Marc Oliver can expect to happen on the day.

Visit Our Studio Or Have Us Come To You

We’re happy to welcome you warmly to our studio on Savile Row, or indeed meet you at a nearby hotel or other location of your choosing in the Greater London area. We regularly meet clientele at London’s most high-end hotels, but for the full Savile Row experience, we do recommend coming to us.

You’ll be offered a comfortable place to sit down, refreshment of your choice be it tea, coffee or something a good deal stronger, and enough time to gather your thoughts and settle into the experience.

That’s life in the business of luxurious goods — customer service is just a lot more engaged with you.

Helping You Establish Your Needs

It’s your tailor’s responsibility to help you reach the right decisions, so once you’re relaxed, you can expect us to ask you plenty of thoughtful questions about your requirements, your tastes and so on.

All this information allows your tailor to build up a picture of what you want, what you require, and what will look great on you. In turn, this will also allow them to narrow down which options for fabric and style they should present to you. Remember, at Marc Oliver we have over 1,000 choices of supreme fabrics for our suits and jackets, in a range of weights, weaves, and dozens of stylistic flourishes to offer, so these questions will prevent you from being overwhelmed by the vast selection.

Once we’ve helped you build up a picture of what you want, we’ll ease into collecting your measurements. We’ll gauge whether you want slim or regular fitting garments, or even relaxed or skinny fit, before taking your measurements with expert accuracy — right down to the last centimetre. But it goes beyond just numbers, we’ll take a keen look at your body type, gait, as well as your seated and standing posture. All of this will influence how your garments will be cut, as the tailor will take note of where they will come under strain, where the fit can be relaxed a little to preserve the garment, and where they can tighten things up.
Your garments are being tailored for you and only you after all.

Choose From A Wide Array of Fabrics

As mentioned above, there are thousands of choices of fabrics in a variety of weights. Depending on your reason for purchase, we’ll narrow the choice of fabric down to a few key choices through which they can guide you.

For suits and jackets, the most popular choices are wool—particularly for business suits— and cotton, while the likes of linen, cashmere, mohair and vicuna are even more luxurious options.

For shirts, we’ll talk extra-long Egyptian cottons, fine linens, Sea Island cottons and much more, in a range of weights and weaves from classic to casual.

The Personal Touches

Just as with the fabric selection, it’s our job to guide you through the options, clarifying things that may seem complex, all the while letting you know that ultimately, you are in control.

Here you’ll express your style through those little things that really make your bespoke garments what they will be — collar & cuff styles, lapels, half or full canvas interlining, pockets, hems, vents, personalized monograms.

Sending You Off Excited To Return

Once your specifications have been confirmed, we’ll get ready to bid you goodbye having arranged your first fitting, which will take place 5 – 7 weeks later. We don’t do haste on Savile Row, as the highest quality takes time.

In the meantime, we’ll promptly order your fabric and send it off to our cutting rooms in Milan, Italy. This is where all Marc Oliver garments are made as it allows us to leverage the best aspects of classic Savile Row tailoring with the modern techniques of Italy’s finest tailoring houses — a celebrated hallmark of the Marc Oliver brand.

The Pursuit Of Perfection In Your Tailored Pieces

As soon as both you and your garments are ready, we’ll welcome you back to the studio, or meet at a place convenient to both parties, to iron out the final aesthetic and functional details of your new tailored clothing. This is where we zero in on perfection in both fit and style. After a week of fine tuning, we’ll arrange a second and probably, final, fitting.

If both client and tailor are happy with the product after this stage, you’ll be able to take your new garments home. However, if more needs to be done, we’ll gladly do it.
At Marc Oliver, we’ll never send a guest or client off unless totally satisfied. Our success is measured by the look of approval, of joy, of satisfaction on a visitor’s face.

Ultimately, we want the entire gift experience to help you feel valued, to feel twelve feet tall.

That’s the Savile Row effect. That’s the Marc Oliver effect.

Allow another to experience the last word in luxury tailoring with a Savile Row Gift Experience By Marc Oliver.

Check out our Bespoke Gifting page, or get in touch to arrange a truly special moment for someone.

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