How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Care‌ ‌For‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Tailored ‌Shirts‌ ‌

Like all luxury tailored clothing items, your shirt should stand the test of time. But with the right care on your own part, you can make sure it stays in top condition for as long as it remains in your wardrobe rotation. 

Here are some tips to make sure your shirt stays like new.

Washing Your Shirt

We’d recommend having cotton shirts cleaned professionally by a laundry service which specialises in tailored clothing. However, if cleaning at home is your choice, then here are a few things you should do:

Make sure to read the wash care label for any specialist instructions, and of course make sure to wash your white garments separately from those of another colour. 

We suggest washing cotton shirts at 40°C, and washing dark colours separately.

Unbutton the shirt before putting it in the washing machine. Make sure that if your shirt has buttons on the cuffs, you unbutton those too.

Take a quick look over to check for any loose threads. If you find any, don’t pull at them. Rather, use a pair of scissors to gently snip away the thread as close to the fabric as you can. 

Make sure to remove collar stiffeners if you’ve used any. If left in place, these can cause damage to the points of the collar. 

Choose your washing powder with care, avoiding anything too cheap or industrial. If you can, use a colour care powder.. This will prevent your shirt from fading.

Use a fast spin cycle, a feature on most washing machines today. This function removes most of the water after washing.  Then you can go about drying your shirt. 

Drying Your Shirt

Avoid tumble drying your shirts. It’s extremely harsh on the natural fibres, particularly on the likes of Egyptian cotton. Tumble drying also removes the natural moisture from the fibres and leads to drum wear on the collar and cuffs. 

As mentioned above, simply hanging it up somewhere airy is the best way to allow your shirt to dry. However, it’s best to take it down while it’s still a little damp—this is the best time to iron your shirt. 

Ironing Your Shirt

When your shirt is just a little damp, it’s the best time to begin ironing. You want to avoid pressing it too much, and a little moisture will allow for this. 

Always use a warm iron, never hot as this can lead to damage.

If you have over-dried your shirts, dampen them slightly before ironing by using a spray bottle filled with water.  

Start by ironing the collar, and then move onto the yoke, sleeves, sides, and finally the back. 

When ironing the collar, iron the back of the collar, moving inwards from each collar tip towards the center. This will stop the fabric bunching at the collar points. 

Do not iron a double cuff in the folded position as this can lead to multiple lines and fabric splitting.

We trust that you’ll feel more confident in taking care of your shirts. With the right simple steps, you can help extend the life and quality of your garments. When you’re next in need of a top quality bespoke shirt, make an appointment with Marc Oliver.

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