Home Wardrobe Advice & Alterations: Why I’m Fixing Other People’s Work

Clients are saving thousands – and helping resist fast fashion and poor quality – by availing of Marc Oliver’s at home visits.
That suit that doesn’t quite fit anymore, that overcoat that’s starting to show its age, those shirts that aren’t as durable as you were promised… Don’t throw them out just yet. Call in the experts and save yourself thousands while doing the world some good.
To be frank, the state of clothing as a whole today is not good. Fast fashion, where items are essentially made not to last so that they’ll be replaced, is taking over. This isn’t just on the low end of the highstreet either – it’s even creeping into the luxury clothing space. Many garments lack the attention to detail and lasting construction that we associate with the high end, and especially tailoring.
A Tailor's Stand Against Fast Fashion
As a tailor who deeply values the artistry and integrity of clothing construction, I can’t sit idly by and watch this decline. I believe that the garments people invest their hard-earned money in should not only be cherished but also endure the test of time. Simple as that. It’s this unwavering belief that led me to offering an at-home wardrobe advice and alteration service. The maker becomes the mechanic!
Marc Oliver’s At Home Service
It’s quite simple really. Give Marc Oliver a call or reach out by email, and allow us to visit you at home (In London, Surrey & Hampshire) for wardrobe consultation, clothing adjustment, and maintenance. Clients in London, Surrey, and Hampshire (and further afield if I’m on the road and nearby) can arrange for a personal wardrobe consultation, clothing adjustment, and maintenance right in the comfort of their homes. The experience is nothing short of bespoke, as my team and I work meticulously through each piece, determining which ones are worth keeping, identifying potential new additions, and focusing on resizing, repairing, and revitalising others.
In just a few hours, we’ll get everything remeasured, have your clothing pinned and ready for alterations, then we’ll safely take them away to work on back at the studio, all with a pre-agreed date of return to your home, as good as new and ready to wear again.
It’s a simple, but altogether rare service. But we believe in lasting quality, and stellar customer service.
Luxury Service with a Purpose
Marc Oliver’s at-home service offers more than just a tailor’s touch; it represents a commitment to exceptional customer service and lasting quality. The meticulous measurements and careful adjustments ensure that each piece is tailored to perfection. Clients are not just investing in clothing; they are embracing a more sustainable and mindful way of approaching fashion.
So book a home appointment and let us help you bring your favourite items of clothing back to life… and let’s do some good for the world while we’re at it.
Welcome to Marc Oliver. Welcome to true luxury service. Make an appointment when you’re ready.

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