Five Reasons You Should Invest in a Bespoke Tailored Suit

Bespoke tailored clothing is an investment not just in your wardrobe, but in yourself. 

Many of our customers at Marc Oliver Bespoke Tailoring have quickly realised how it adds tremendous value to how they look and feel.

That’s why bespoke tailoring has been so popular for so long, even with the rise of high street, off-the-rack and fast fashion. 

In truth, there are multitudes of reasons why you’d benefit from stepping into the world of tailoring — we as tailors could go on forever. But for now, we’ll leave you with five of the very best. 



…As well as expert guidance. Many of our customers tell us that they hated shopping before finding a tailor. Visiting numerous stores in search of the right suit, struggling with limited choices of fabric, colour and pattern, and then leaving empty-handed or with a sub-par suit. In short, settling for less. 

Bespoke tailoring removes all of these problems though. There’s a world of garments in a whole range of fabrics, cuts, and styles. You’re free to have a completely one-of-a-kind suit made.  

Though with so much choice, there comes a task of whittling down your selections. This is  where the guiding hand of a tailor comes in. They will navigate you through a huge range of suitable fabric options, styles, colours and patterns. A tailor worth his salt will know what will look good on you, and can help you visualise how you’ll wear it, as well as how it will look and fit on you. 


The Perfect Fit 

A true bespoke suit is the pinnacle of the tailoring world. As such, it will fit the customer absolutely perfectly. It’s made by taking accurate account of your physical shape, and will incorporate all your preferences and personal style requests. This doesn’t mean a bespoke suit has to “fit like a glove” either. According to your preferences and form, you can choose between slim, classic, relaxed and even skinny fit — each perfectly tailored to the contours of your body.

The fully bespoke tailoring service is not suitable for all customers though, as they may prefer semi-bespoke or made-to-measure (more on those differences in this post). Either way, these approaches will still be far superior to an off-the-rack suit — even one purchased in a luxury store. 


Attention to Detail  

A Savile Row suit made by a skilled tailor is a work of art, made especially for you. It will incorporate a number of intricate details which, even if people can’t quite put their finger on them, will make all the difference when you wear it. The devil is in the detail. 

No luxury off-the-rack suit can compete with a bespoke suit that’s been made with skill, and attention to detail. Nor will they offer the customer as many opportunities to personalise it, through a special request for a less usual pocket shape,a standout lining, a particular type of hand stitching, or a personalised monogram. 


Get Just The Look You Want

You may have already seen a style you like and you’re wondering if it’s right for you. Ask your tailor if they can replicate, or even build upon it. Tailors are there to provide sound style advice as well as skill in measuring and cutting. Many clients come with a specific style in mind, and tailors are happy to go with that, having made sure that it is indeed what the client wants and needs. 

Creating a personal style is a lot easier and much quicker with the help of someone who is hugely experienced — and there is no one better than a Savile Row Tailor. They can quickly understand what you’re looking for by asking questions designed to achieve your perfect look.


An Antidote To Fast Fashion

The average high street garment has a lifespan of just a few months, at best, before it begins to depreciate. That’s fast-fashion for you. Endless supply and demand just won’t reel in billions if clothes last forever. But nothing lasts like a tailored suit, especially when it has been made from an exceptional cloth and fits you perfectly. 

Every process from cloth selection to cutting, sewing, and construction is designed to make the finished suit as reliable and durable as possible. Your garments should be able to move with your body, thus avoiding strain on the cloth or inner structure. It’s the difference in the quality, as well as the timeless style, that will ensure your new bespoke suit lasts for many years. 


When you’re ready to invest in some new luxury tailored clothing, make an appointment with us at Marc Oliver. Welcome to Savile Row. 


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